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The Global Membership Approach equips districts to develop membership through a strategic process focused on:

• Rejuvenating districts with new clubs
• Revitalizing clubs with new members
• Re-motivating existing members with fellowship and exciting service

The approach has universal applicability, allowing for customization based on regional needs and circumstances, and is supported by a growing collection of material resources.


Overview Presentation
Executive Summary
Support Roadmap (Blue) - Ideal for digital display
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Global Membership Approach Regionalized Timeline Examples

Discover materials to implement the Global Membership Approach in Clubs within your Zone or Region.

A 4-step process


Step 1


Build a team to support the Global Membership Approach.

Build a Team Training Support Guide 
Presentation (PPT)

Step 2


Conduct an analysis of your district and develop goals to best serve its needs.

Build a Vision Training Support Guide 
Presentation (PPT)
SWOT Worksheet (DOC)
SWOT Worksheet (PDF)

Step 3


Build a plan as a team to achieve the established vision.

Build a Plan Training Support Guide 
Presentation (PPT)
Action Plan Template (Word)
Action Plan Template (PDF)

Step 4


Execute your plan, maintain accountability and adjust as necessary.

Build Success Training Support Guide 
Presentation (PPT)

To further your understanding of the process, review the Global Membership Approach eLearning course located in the Lions Learning Center.

After completing each step, provide the district-conducted training details to your GLT coordinator for reporting in Learn.


Rejuvenate Districts with New Clubs
Getting Started
Types of Clubs
  • Traditional Lions Club Webpage: Information and resources related to the community-based Traditional Lions Club option, our largest source of new club development.
  • Leo-Lions Club Webpage: Information about the Leo-Lion Program, which offers current or former Leos an opportunity to continue serving their community.
  • Campus Clubs Webpage: Information and resources for chartering a Campus Lions Club at a college or university.
  • Specialty Clubs Program Webpage: The Specialty Club program is designed to create clubs whose members share a common interest or passion, allowing them to connect with one another on a deeper level.
  • Virtual Clubs Webpage: Information and resources related to the Virtual Lions Club option, offering Lions a way to meet and serve using a variety of virtual channels.
  • Join Together Program Webpage: Information about Join Together, a program aimed at encouraging community-based nonprofit organizations to partner with Lions International.
  • Club Branch Webpage: Information and resources for the Club Branch option, which offers small groups an opportunity to join Lions International and serve their communities.
Revitalize Clubs with New Members
Getting Started
Potential Members
  • Young Lions Webpage: Information and resources for Young Lions, members approximately age 40 or younger.
  • New Voices Initiative Webpage: Information about the New Voices Initiative, which seeks to increase the number of women, young adults and underrepresented populations in our association.
Re-motivate Members with New Fellowships and Exciting Service
  • Service Project Planners Webpage: Provides access to a collection of downloadable tools designed for clubs that are ready to serve their communities in our global causes areas.
  • Service Toolkit Webpage: Provides access to resources designed to help Lions assess, position and activate their clubs for greater impact.
  • Service Reporting Webpage: Information about the importance of service reporting and resources to help with the reporting process.
  • Lions Advocacy Webpage: Information about advocacy as a service opportunity to further the mission of our association and foundation.
  • Membership Reports Toolbox: Provides access to reports that are vital to the health of your club.
Support District and Club Leaders
District support
Club support
  • Managing a Club: Information and resources for club leadership positions.
  • Troubleshooting Guide for Clubs: Helpful guide that identifies common club issues and provides resources with potential solutions.
  • Plan for Your Club's Success Guide and PowerPoint: Tools to help your club discover its strengths, ways to improve and new opportunities that will help the club grow and thrive!
Marketing Resources
Lions Clubs International
Public Relations and Social Media
  • Lions Press Center Webpage: Provides access to a variety of resources, including media kits, logos, photos, templates and FAQs.
  • Public Relations Guide Webpage: Information about public relations, which includes all forms of written, verbal and nonverbal communications used to share information with the public.
  • SMiLE (Social Media including Lions Everywhere): Information about this international community of Lions focused on helping Lions, clubs, districts and multiple districts with social media.
  • Photo/Video Release: Form that can be used to authorize use of photographs and video by Lions International.
Marketing Documents


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