By donating to our Disaster Relief Fund, you can help families and communities devastated by wildfires and other natural disasters.


Lions Clubs International Foundation FAQs

Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) wants to make your donation, grants and programs experience as simple and enjoyable as possible. Take a look at the frequently asked questions (FAQs) below for a more detailed understanding about the foundation.

Donation and financial administration

I am interested in making a charitable donation to LCIF.  What are the possibilities?

Charitable donations can be made by an individual or in the name of another person. We offer many forms of recognition and awards. For information on the types of LCIF donation and recognition programs, visit the Ways to Give section of the website.

What is the donation process?

Donations can be made online at or they can be sent to LCIF. All US checks drafted on a US bank should be sent to:


Lions Clubs International Foundation Department 4547 Carol Stream, IL
Department 4547
Carol Stream, IL 60122


Wire transfers should be sent to:

JP Morgan Chase, N.A.
10 S. Dearborn Street
Chicago, IL 60603
ABA Routing No. 021000021
ACH No. 071000013
Account Name: Lions Clubs International Foundation
Account No: 754487312
Swift International Banking No: CHASUS33


In countries where LCI has bank accounts, funds may be deposited in local currency. Be sure to check the association’s official exchange rates, shown on monthly club statements. When submitting funds by local deposit, it is important to fax, mail or email to LCIF a copy of the bank deposit receipt and information regarding to whom the donation should be credited. If funds meet the criteria for Melvin Jones Fellowship credit (donations made to general funds for supporting youth, meeting humanitarian needs, providing disaster relief, saving sight and the area of greatest need), MJF credit can be issued. Standard global processing time for an MJF is four to six weeks. Many countries may charge customs and VAT charges on the importation of MJF plaques and other recognitions and awards. These fees are the responsibility of the individual or club locally receiving the items.

How should donations be sent?

In the U.S., it is best to send personal or bank checks. Checks sent from outside the U.S. should be in U.S. dollars drawn on U.S. banks, which expedites processing and reduces costly international bank collection charges. Checks should be sent to LCIF’s lock box address, not LCIF’s physical address. In countries where LCI or LCIF has bank accounts, funds may be deposited in local currency in amounts equivalent to the required U.S. dollars, using the association's official exchange rate shown on monthly club statements. A copy of the bank deposit receipt must be sent to LCIF along with completed donation forms. Fax or mail documentation to LCIF Donor Services.

Checks or bank drafts should be made out to whom?

Make U.S. checks or bank drafts payable to "LCIF." Write the purpose of the donation, such as "Melvin Jones Fellowship/recipient's name," "club plaque," "toward Melvin Jones Fellowship," etc.).

May I charge my donation to my credit card?

LCIF accepts charitable donations charged to Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards. Donations can be made safely and instantly online. We do not accept credit card donations over the phone. If you need assistance making your donation online, please contact Donor Assistance.

Should contributions be accumulated and periodically sent to LCIF?

Funds should be forwarded without delay. Doing so ensures prompt crediting of the donor's record and issuance of LCIF recognition and awards. In addition, checks held for an extended period become dated, sometimes requiring a new check from the donor.

What types of recognition are available?

There are several types of recognition available depending upon the type of donation given. These recognitions are mailed to the donor. Note that many countries may charge customs and VAT charges for the importation of plaques. These fees are the responsibility of the individual or club locally receiving the plaque. Contributions for the Melvin Jones Fellowship (MJF) can be made by individuals (including non-Lions), clubs or districts. Donations may be in one sum or in installments. Melvin Jones Fellows receive a special lapel pin, a plaque and a congratulatory letter. Please allow two-four weeks processing time from posted donation to receive your MJF plaque. Visit the Melvin Jones Fellowship page to apply. Download the multiple donor contribution form to add multiple individuals for LCIF recognitions that are not MJF or Progressive MJF.

Can a Melvin Jones Fellowship and other recognition forms be processed before a donation is received by LCIF?

LCIF board policy requires that donations must be processed at headquarters before recognition can be sent. To ensure accurate and timely processing and the prompt issuance of recognition, please include necessary documentation such as a completed Melvin Jones Fellowship application form with the donation.

Can my LCIF Facebook fundraiser donations apply towards my MJF/PMJF?

LCIF Facebook fundraiser donations are not automatically applied towards your MJF/PMJF or credited to the organizer of the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) Facebook fundraiser, unless the donor contacts LCIF. For Facebook fundraisers you donate to, in support of LCIF, you will need to contact LCIF Donor Services at with a copy of your LCIF Facebook fundraiser donation receipt. If you are a supporter of someone else’s LCIF Facebook fundraiser and would like your donation to be applied towards your MJF/PMJF or applied to the organizer’s as credit, you will need to share with LCIF Donor Services at a copy of your Facebook donation receipt.

Is it possible to designate a donation to a specific cause or project through LCIF? If so, can I receive Melvin Jones Fellowship (MJF) credit for the donation?

LCIF asks that donors give to the Empowering Service fund, which supports all LCIF’s causes or the Disaster Relief fund, which is also a donation to LCIF, but reserved specifically for all disaster relief. LCIF will treat donations received for international disasters as funds for the identified country concerned, as indicated by the donor, and only designate them to another disaster when there is no further need in that country as determined by the local Lions Disaster Relief Committee. The foundation supports many Lions’ projects and initiatives through grant program for projects that meet the grant criteria. Currently, when identified by donor, the donation can apply for MJF credit. Please contact for donation credit and / or if you have questions on designating your donation.

What are minimum donations for clubs and districts to qualify for the District and Club Community Impact Grant (DCG)?

Donations may be made throughout the year, and grants can be applied for in the following Lions year. The DCG requires a US$5,000 minimum unrestricted donation for clubs and a US$10,000 minimum unrestricted donation for districts. The minimum unrestricted donation must be achieved within the fiscal year (i.e., July 1 – June 30). Visit the District and Club Community Impact Grants page to learn more about specific program frequently asked questions.

How can I review donation history?

Authorized Officers can log in to the Lion Portal for donation/recognition reporting and view the Insights Dashboard to view current year donation activity. Please contact LCIF Donor Services at with any donation questions.

Do donations fund administrative expenses or do 100% of donations go toward program services?

Fiscal responsibility and transparency are important to LCIF. LCIF continues to ensure that all donated funds are used efficiently to help even more people. Donations fund short-term and long-term program expenses, including grants. Based on targeted investment returns, investment income is anticipated to be sufficient to cover projected administrative and development expenses.

How does LCIF compare to other charitable organizations?

Since 1968, LCIF has been dedicated to increasing the ability of Lions everywhere, helping them empower the communities they serve. With every grant we give, our history grows, along with the impact of Lions. Today, we couldn’t be more proud of where we stand, or more excited about the future of our work. Learn more about our Charity Navigator rating.

How can I learn more about LCIF's financial efficiency?

We appreciate the opportunity to share more about our finances and programs with you. You may view our most recent Annual Report. For more details on the past year’s finances, view our Audited Financial Statement, or LCIF’s tax return (form 990).

Can we use LCIFs 501(c)(3) filing status?

The filing status for Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) is exclusive to LCIF and cannot be used by any other individual, group or club for exempt purposes.