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LCIF Grants Toolkit

We encourage you to explore the different grant types and resources within this online toolkit to find out if there’s a grant that’s right for your club, district or multiple district now, or in the future!

Resources for Applicants


LCIF offers a wide variety of grants to support Lions service in their local communities and the world. For decades, LCIF has contributed to Lions’ efforts in the focus areas of vision, disaster relief, youth and humanitarian causes. LCIF will help Lions increase their impact on these areas while expanding our reach through Lions’ global cause areas. Take a look at the following resources for applicants to help with your LCIF Grants process.

LCIF Grants Accomplishments

Every year, we’re able to make a positive impact in the world by providing grants to Lions clubs. These grants allow Lions to do large-scale service projects that would not be possible without financial assistance.

Grant Types

There are a wide variety of grants available to help Lions serve their local communities and the world. We encourage you to explore the different grant types to find out if there’s a grant that’s right for your club, district or multiple district now or in the future.

Resources for Grantees


Now that your LCIF grant application is approved, follow these tips to achieve your goals.

10 Tips: How to Effectively Manage Your LCIF Grant

Lions Guide to Promoting a LCIF Grant Project

LCIF Grant Reporting Forms

To effectively tell your story and measure our impact, it’s critical that all grantees report on LCIF grants they receive. Below you will find a list of grant reporting forms to help you manage your LCIF grant.

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Matching Grants


Matching grants provide equipment and construction for large-scale projects that address unmet humanitarian needs. The project must serve a large population. Grants awarded are between US$10,000 and US$100,000.


District and Club Community Impact Grants (DCG)


Through the DCG program, 15 percent of unrestricted contributions to LCIF are transformed into grants that fund local projects on a club and/or district level.

DCG Animated Explainer Video

Explore how DCGs can offer a new opportunity for Lions to support humanitarian activities in their communities.

Diabetes Grants


LCIF Diabetes grants can increase access to diabetes care and enhance existing diabetes centers to provide greater service to the community.


New Requirements for Local Matching Funds


Important changes coming to Diabetes grant matching funds requirement July 1, 2021.

Lions must raise local matching funding in the form of cash contributions equivalent to 25 percent of the total project budget.

  • At least 25 percent of the required local matching funds must be collected at the time the application is submitted to LCIF. This must be evidenced through a bank statement included in the grant application.
  • Lions must have the balance of the local matching funding collected by the midpoint of the project timeline. The project midpoint will be calculated from the date of approval. For example, projects with a one year timeline must have all the local matching funds collected six months from the date of approval; projects with a two-year timeline must have all the local matching funds collected one year from the date of approval. The exact deadline date to have all local matching funding collected will be specified in the grant agreement.


SightFirst Grants


SightFirst grants can help a child see the world for the first time. They can protect a village from a debilitating eye disease, or intervene before someone goes blind due to diabetic eye disease.


Hunger Grants


Through the LCIF Hunger Grant, Lions can support school based feeding programs, food banks, feeding centers, and similar facilities that provide food to people when they need it most.


Childhood Cancer Grants


Childhood Cancer Grants are available to Lions districts and multiple districts in amounts from US$10,000 to US$150,000. Projects must be implemented in coordination or collaboration with existing government or charitable childhood cancer medical facilities.


Leo Service Grants


LCIF Leo Service Grants provides financial assistance to Leo service projects implemented by Leo clubs in a Lions multiple district or district. The goal of the grant is to support Leos to assess, plan and implement their own service projects.


Lions Quest Grants


Lions Quest Grants aid the implementation and expansion of Lions Quest in schools around the world.

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