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Find your fit

Club marketing is so important to what we do, and there are great opportunities to get involved. There are even opportunities at the district and multiple district (MD) level for Lions ready to take on a bigger marketing role. Here’s how you can put your passion for promotion to work.

Marketing-minded member


The role: Be a marketing champion in your club. Support your club marketing chairperson and help build a marketing culture. Proudly wear your Lion gear when you serve, and remember that you are a brand ambassador for your club and Lions everywhere.

Eligibility: This opportunity is open to everyone!

Club marketing chairperson


The role: Energize and lead your club marketing efforts. Develop marketing plans for projects and membership drives, use social media to share your stories, and work with your Lions and community partners to put a spotlight on your service.

Eligibility: The club marketing chairperson is appointed by the club officers.

District/MD marketing chairperson


The role: Drive marketing campaigns in your district or MD. Collaborate with district leadership on marketing, communications and public relations efforts to create greater awareness for the incredible work of your clubs.

Eligibility: The district marketing chairperson is appointed by the district governor and the MD marketing chairperson by the council chair.

Marketing fundamentals

A little bit of marketing know-how can make a big difference in your club, so be sure to brush up on the basics of marketing and learn more about the tools that can help you. 

Marketing 101


Learn what marketing is, what it can help you achieve and how it can work for you.



Branding can help you create an identity for your club and bring your service to life.

Marketing channels


Learn about the tools, platforms and touch points that can help you connect with your community.

Marketing resources

Once you have a handle on the marketing basics, you’re ready to start putting those principals to work. Now you’ll need the tools to turn your great ideas into action.

Brand kits


Market like a pro with logos, customizable resources, images videos and more.

Social media kits


Get ready-to-use graphics and customizable templates for your social media.

PR tools


Use public relations to engage your community and your local media to become the talk of the town. 

Get recognized for great marketing

Your club can earn special recognition for your innovative marketing through the Lions International Marketing Award. Find out how your club can enter and win cash and prizes for your great campaign!

Show your pride

Our Lion emblem is a powerful symbol of hope and one of the best marketing tools you have. So wear branded gear when you serve so everyone knows who you are, and why you matter so much.