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Social Media for Lions Clubs

Why Use Social Media?


Lions can use social media to make a bigger impact:

  1. Connect with other community organizations, leaders and the general public to spread the word about your club.
  2. Show your local and global community how you serve.
  3. Engage current and potential members.
  4. Create a fundraiser to support LCIF.

Social Media Kits

Put the Lions brand to work with ready-to-use graphics and customizable templates for your social media channels!

Social Media How-to Videos

Which Social Media Platform Should Lions Use?
Social Media Photo and Video Tips
How to Recruit Members Using Social Media

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Social Media Community Highlights


Social Media including Lions Everywhere (SMiLE)

Join the Lions SMiLE Facebook group to become a part of the SMiLE community, where Lions help Lions improve their club’s social media marketing. Find social media tips and ideas for your club’s accounts, and share your own social media success stories and challenges!