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Leaders in Service

Each of our leaders is an active Lion—a volunteer dedicated to making the world a better place through action and kindness. The people at the helm of our foundation come from a diverse background, each lending his or her personal expertise and perspective to the benefit of the foundation, ensuring our mission, vision and programs are thoughtfully carried out in the world. 


Structured for Success

View our foundation's comprehensive governing structure.


Positioned for Greatness


The following leadership positions correspond with the chart above. Each plays an important part in the success of the foundation, today and in the years to come.

LCIF Board of Trustees

Our board of trustees is responsible for oversight and decision-making within the foundation. A total of 21 trustees serve on the LCIF board, representing all constitutional areas. The board of trustees ensures LCIF’s financial solvency and organizational integrity. These leaders play a critical role in our grantmaking process by reviewing and evaluating each project before funding is awarded.

LCIF Chairperson

Our chairperson serves a one-year term that involves international travel, meetings with partners and Lions leadership, as well as administrative oversight. The chairperson is LCIF’s ambassador throughout the world and ensures that the foundation remains a leader among international humanitarian volunteer organizations. 

LCIF Executive Committee

The LCIF Executive Committee is vital to supporting the chairperson by carrying out significant leadership duties. Made up of seven Lions leaders, they are a key group in sharing our vision and mission with the world and providing input on core programs and projects of the foundation.

LCIF Finance Committee

The Finance Committee oversees the LCIF budget and investments and reviews all finances to ensure that the foundation maintains a healthy corpus and is well funded for the future.

SightFirst and Lions Quest Program Advisory Committees

LCIF has program advisory committees for both of our largest programs: Lions Quest and SightFirst. These committee members oversee program development and coordination, conduct national and international outreach and continually drive the programs forward to improve and meet changing needs. The committees are comprised of Lion leaders as well as experts in the field. They review and approve project proposals as well as set policies for their respective programs.

Multiple District and District Coordinators

Our multiple district coordinators are appointed by the Lions Clubs International president and the Lions Clubs International Foundation chairperson and serve a three-year term as ambassadors for the foundation. The coordinators help LCIF connect with Lions in areas such as fundraising, promotion, training and education regarding the foundation’s grants and programs. Multiple district coordinators also have the task of appointing and working with a district coordinator for each district. Together they are charged with helping raise awareness worldwide.


Current Leadership